Arrnott Olsen first came to the attention of the Australian public as the larger-than-life performer with one heck of a set of vocal chords on the first season of the television series Popstars.

The then larger-than-life singer left such a distinctive impression on the audience that a cult following developed, and by the time Arrnott returned for the 2004 series his fan-base was snowballing with such momentum that it swept him to finish in 4th place, cementing Arnnott as a voice to be reckoned with.

Since then Arrnott has been writing/recording and performing across a wide range of music genres with a heavy emphasis on the House/Dance/Electronic music scene. Arrnott was also one of the pioneers of the live / DJ movement, being one of the first artists to team up with a DJ and combine live vocals with instruments, breaking new ground on the local club scene.

Not content with just music, Arrnott is also a talented freelance fashion stylist with music, television, radio and sports stars like Lizzy Lovette, Paulini, Damien De Montemas and Drew Mitchell, to name a few, on his CV.

Always known as “the big guy”, Arrnott made a commitment to become healthy and fit, and last year, with the help of friend and trainer Shaun Button, he lost a staggering 80 kilograms – changing his entire look and life in the process.

Armed with a fresh outlook on life, 2012 has seen Arrnott working on some amazing new solo and collaborative music projects, and putting his hand to writing a book about his experience with health and fitness.