Alistare provides the soulful beats that make a night unforgettable. By taking the very best elements of the tracks that everyone loves, Alistare puts a modern twist on the classics you love and delivers. After meeting through university, there was instant rapport and this translated to a soundscape that has captivated audiences. Having taken the stage all over Sydney, including the Sydney Blues Fest, Birghton Up-Bar and the Factory theatre, Alistare has commanded the stage and taken people through a musical journey. Setting the vibe at the annual UNSW New College Ball, Alistare had the roof come down enticing the audience to partake in a vignette of dance and celebrations. Modern twists on OutKast, Craig David and Michael Jackson mixed with the modern sounds of Alistare are the best part of a night.

The soul of Alistare has taken the form of a four piece, articulating a story that resonates with all that listen.

Ed Zaidan is no stranger to the limelight, and thrives in sharing moments with his audience. Having broken into the top 10 on Australian Idol, Ed has been honing his sound, creating a voice that sends shivers down spines. 

Andy Mosely provides the percussive backbeat that puts an audience on their feet. His masterful artistry on the drums turns heads; he doesn’t overplay. He only plays what will make an audience groove.

Cameron Roberts owns the guitar, and makes it an extension of his body. He moves to the tunes, and provides the syncopation that helps hips move. 

John Clancy grooves on the bass, and locks in with Andy to emphasise the best qualities of the bottom end. He adds a layer of sub that keeps the night rolling.

Alistare busts out Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, Destiny’s Child, Disclosure, Gnarls Barkley, Rihanna and makes a night live forever.